Standards and Ethics For Finance Professionals

Finance Career ProfessionalsAs with any profession, financial service providers need to adhere to a certain set of rules and procedures in order for them to say that they are ethically performing their specific practices well. It is only through following these ethical practices would they be considered trustworthy, and it is a rule, whether spoken or unspoken, that financial service providers must stand by at all times.

In several facets of financial services such as bookkeeping, there must be a definite and concrete confidentiality agreement in place. As bookkeepers, especially those belonging to third party organizations or companies, handle multiple clients at once, it is all too probable for them to have clients that are competing within the same industry. BookkeeperSalaryData is a great resource for the career. The temptation to share information from one business to another can be strong, especially when monetary rewards are dangled in front of you. Thus, standards dictate that, like doctors and lawyers, confidentiality is the legal and moral ideal in this type of industry.

For investments and stock brokers, insider trading is strongly frowned upon. Insider trading uses non-public information in order to gain profits through buying or selling stocks based on information that is not accessible to the public. Find complete career information at As “leaks” in information become available, stock owners can pretty much tell their investors about the news so that they may trade investments accordingly. This, according to set standards, is something that brokers must not do or tolerate, as this would not only break ethical codes, but might also lead to financial ruin for the company concerned. Ethical standards courses are a big part of stock broker education requirements. While insider trading is allowed to some extent in certain areas, this is often a warning sign that they could not be trusted with confidential information as they will have the tendency, and the risk, to use it to their advantage, regardless of whether you gain or lose in the process.

For those involved with selling insurance policies or for those involved in financial advising or retirement planning, full transparency is often the standard, especially for those who have limited authority in transacting business in a client’s behalf. Here is a great career & salary guide for financial advisors. Clients must be made aware of all the details included within the contract or policy, and all actions must have the consent or approval of the client, written or otherwise. This is especially important as the average person’s ypical retirement investments aren’t large enough to support a comfortable retirement.

Ethics in Finance JobsThese are often the rules that financial service providers must adhere to. While some laws and security measures can restrict or even eliminate transgression of these policies, there are often loopholes that shady individuals can go through. However, more ethical and professional individuals tend to not abuse these exceptions even if it presents itself. Being caught performing such acts may not only be illegal, but would seriously ruin the reputation of an individual or the company that the individual represents.

There are many reasons by which professionals can break these set rules of ethics, the most common of which is greed. Everyone can be tempted with money and financial gains, but true professionals will not be tempted by these, but would much rather do things in the more ethical manner. While there are really no set rules as to how investment companies, insurance companies, or stock brokerages should operate except those mandated by law, it is good to know that most companies do have unwritten rules about these types of practices, and would strictly reprimand or even terminate people who are caught doing such acts.

With this in mind, clients should also be always vigilant when it comes to helping uphold these standards. Whether you are in business administration career as a manager or top executive managing day to day operations, or a middle aged employee looking for good investments, a good retirement plan, insurance, or solid financial planning, you must always stay ever vigilant in making sure that your money, and the decisions that would make you either lose or earn money, is in capable, competent, and trustworthy hands.

As with doctors and their Hippocratic oaths, members of the financial sector should also adhere to set rules and policies that would set them apart from shady practitioners and con artists. They should follow strict codes of ethics and should portray themselves as morally correct professionals, aside from being competent and effective. Only then will they be able to earn the trust of their clients and for companies to see their true worth and value. It is something that should be instilled upon them early on in their studies aside from the technical skills and know how in their respective fields.

Clients, too, should research on the backgrounds of their advisers and brokers before dealing in any type of business. Any red flags about records of insider trading or breaking confidentiality agreements should be looked upon immediately, and any infraction of the aforementioned code of ethics should cause you to take your business, and your money, elsewhere. You should be able to find professionals who would be able to uphold these standards and rules to the letter, and only then will you be comfortable in dealing with them.


War Feeds US Economy, Keeps Things Affordable

WarWar is a lot of things, and a few things can be said about the good things that it brings about. War causes a lot of chaos and bloodshed, and it also affects society in a lot of ways. Just ask those affected by the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, as they feel the effects of war even though World War 2 concluded over half a century ago.

Still, there is still some good that war has brought about, and although it is a bitter pill to swallow, we cannot deny the fact that it has brought us a lot of benefits, despite the means that it came to reality. Technology, for one, boomed during the time of war, and it is during this time that many modern conveniences were researched and invented, giving us the modern luxuries that we have been enjoying for years now.

Take vinyl, for example. Vinyl was discovered as a great weatherproofing material shortly after the war, and vinyl siding has been used increasingly since the 1950s as an alternative to wood or metal. This provides for a cheaper source of cladding for most structures, and is the most used type of siding in the United States as well as in Canada.

Japan, despite being the most affected country at the conclusion of the war, rose as one of the best electronics manufacturers in the world. It is from there that cheaper and better appliances have been created, and countries from all over have benefited from this, making kitchen remodeling that much more affordable even for those in the middle class. For those interested, there is a great guide to renovation. Granite countertops have also boomed due to advances made in mining as well as in the manufacturing of these types of items.

Even since atomic power was discovered, alternatives for cheap and renewable energy have also been researched upon. Due to dwindling energy reserves as well as the negative effects of uncontrolled and destructive effects of nuclear energy, solar panels and other sources of green energy have been created and successfully implemented all over the world. Thus, these types of energy can provide clean and free energy, providing for lower expenses as well as allowing companies using solar panels to be able to sell their items and services for a much cheaper price.

Advances have also been made with regards to medicine, albeit with some arguing that the ends, in this case, do not justify the means. Many medical experiments have been undertaken during this period, especially in Nazi Germany, and it was these experiments that many researchers have based their study upon, and it would come as no surprise that many medical advances were due to these experiments being conducted during the war.

Wartime DentistryWithout war, procedures such as dental implants or mole removal may not be possible, or at least not possible in the sense that these are considered to be very basic and minor procedures nowadays. Advances in technology have also allowed for the creation of medical machinery that allow for quick and immediate results for eye exams. Find out what people are paying these days for vision examinations. The first programmable computer was created to decrypt intercepted messages from the enemy, and this was the basis for many advances when it comes to computer technology, making war the fuel by which computers began to become more advanced.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and the necessity for supplies and the high demand for products and services before and immediately after the war have created a technological boom when it comes to science and technology. A vast majority of items that we are currently using stems from research done during this period, making wars a bittersweet albeit still dark period in our lives.

Slinkies, twinkies, nylon, and sanitary napkins are but some of the inventions made directly during or after the war, though the list of items that were influenced by research during this period would probably go on and on. Thus, if there is something that we can be thankful of war for, then this would probably be it. Besides, if these things hadn’t been invented when they did, then the country would probably not be the economic force that it is now.

The war has also caused us to find better and cheaper alternatives to a variety of products and services, creating great job opportunities that otherwise would not have existed, and giving businesses new opportunities to turn their fortunes around after the Great Depression. Thus, it can be said that the war did save the country economically, and we are still reaping the benefits as of this moment.

Still, we should not forget the lives lost and the damage done during these dark times in our lives. And may we remain thankful for everything the war has thought us, and may we also remember that for every dark cloud, there will always be a rainbow shining afterwards. In this case, the war gave us a great economy where prices for goods and services have become much more competitive, turning the war between countries into a war between businesses and brands, with us, the consumers, as the ultimate winners no matter who wins or loses.


How to Improve Posture and Teeth Alignment

Two of the major curses that afflict people today are bad physical posture and poorly aligned teeth. Of course, in some senses they are unrelated conditions; however, they can both be treated with braces and support devices that are designed to gradually correct the aberration, whether it is a dental or postural one.

Correcting Poor Teeth Alignment

Colored BracesPoorly aligned teeth may be the result of bad habits during childhood, for example thumb-sucking, or alternatively the problem may be beyond the patient’s control and simply the result of how their jaws are aligned naturally. Either way, patients with severely irregular teeth may wish to have their problems corrected, either for cosmetic reasons or because the treatment will improve dental hygiene.

Badly aligned, irregular teeth can usually be corrected very effectively by the use of dental braces. These are metallic inserts that are attached to the teeth and which apply constant pressure on them, gradually causing the teeth to move to a more desirable position. Metal and wire is sometimes supplemented by the use of high-tension elastic and rubber bands. The orthodontist gives you elastics which come in a wide variety of colors. The colors available are primarily meant to make it more fun for kids to wear braces and go through with the discomfort. Adults typically choose grey elastics to make their teeth look whiter and avoid making it look like they have something stuck in their teeth. Among the colors to avoid are green, white and anything neon.

Dental braces are frequently used to correct the orthodontic problems of children, but they are increasingly being taken up by adults as well. In many cases, adults find themselves looking into what orthodontic dentistry has to offer because they want to have a more attractive smile. This might appear vain, but it cannot be ignored that an appealing smile may be advantageous in situations where people seek to have a positive influence on others, for example when being interviewed for a new job, or when socializing and dating. This explains why demand for dental braces is skyrocketing at the present time.

While dental braces can work wonders in transforming the appearance of patients’ teeth, it should not be disregarded that the braces are somewhat intrusive to the wearer and, furthermore, have to be worn for quite a long time – commonly around two years – for the desired effect to be achieved. Therefore, dental braces should not be installed unless the patient is one hundred percent sure they can handle wearing them for the full term.

The Cost of Dental Braces

Aside from the inconvenience of wearing dental braces, another huge deterrent to those contemplating having them fitted is the cost. Fitting dental braces is not possible using a “one size fits all” approach. It is complicated work and it comes at a price. Therefore, dental braces are not advised for those of meager means. On the other hand, patients can get some attractive deals on dental braces if they make the effort to shop around. The prices vary quite a bit across the board. Therefore, it is unwise to sign upon the dotted line for costly treatment without first checking to see if the identical course of dental treatment could have been sourced an awful lot cheaper elsewhere. That said, the average answer to the question “how much do braces cost?” you will find is typically around $5000.

Posture Braces and Tennis Elbow Braces

Posture Support BraceSome readers may be unclear on the distinction between the various kinds of support braces and what they do. Dental braces are one thing, whereas posture braces and tennis elbow braces are another thing entirely. Comparing the two is like comparing chalk with cheese.

Posture braces do a similar job of work to dental braces but they are worn on the patient’s body like a corset, not in their mouth. The principle behind a posture brace is that it compels the wearer to adopt better posture. A posture brace is normally prescribed for persons who suffer from chronic pain in their necks and/or backs, which is diagnosed as being caused partly or entirely by bad posture, i.e. slouching etc. Learn what the causes of bad posture are and what can be done to correct poor posture through a combination of exercise and wearing a brace.

Wearing a posture brace is no bed of roses as it ejects the wearer from their comfort zone. However, in the long run, the support brace will train the wearer to adopt good posture and hopefully rid them of the neck and back pain that plagues them.

Tennis elbow braces are a related type of support brace, but in this case the brace is worn on the patient’s arm. Once again, the idea of the device is to force wearers to adopt arm and wrist positions that are conducive to ridding the patient of the pain associated with tennis elbow.

Both posture braces and tennis elbow braces are highly effective in the right circumstances; however, they should not be used except on the advice of a qualified medic.


Career Development Advice and Examples

Career DevelopmentThere is a rising need for people to take responsibility of the development of their careers and continuing education. Now, more than ever before, is the time to take career development and direction seriously. There are an increasing number of changes in the skills and knowledge required to do our jobs. The median number of years a U.S. worker has been in his or her current job is just 4.4 and still declining. Career ladders are now shrinking rapidly or vanishing completely as the working world is constantly restructuring itself.

Furthermore, constant improvement is needed to continue to learn and to keep up the hasty revolution in information and the pace of modifications of our environmental workplaces. Besides, contribution in a person’s individual development promotes superior dedication to the development more than any other-directed action.

Career development is currently the chief duty of each working individual. A disappointing survey conducted by Human Resource Development Directors found that individuals think that career development is one of the least significant aspects. These findings go along with the trends of today of dying business career pathways and security of one’s job. Just as the duty for the planning of employee retirement has vanished from a corporate function, the task for educating and developing paths for careers has been transferred to each employee.

There’s some good news here. While it may not seem like it, having to learn personal project management can be turned into a new skill for most individuals who take it on. The great news is that by learning the management of projects opens up more control over the individual’s career development and learning, which brings more opportunities for more motivating and stimulating work.

Many careers to choose from

With today’s abounding electronic, high-tech and low-tech opportunities, the field is wide open for individuals to decide on then act upon their career development choices.

Some Example Careers

The following is a list of some of the high tech and low tech career choices that are in high demand:

Electrical Engineer: Design better and new electronics. Solve problems and test electrical equipment.

Truck Driver: This is a significant career choice because drivers may be traveling for several days at a time and spend a lot of time away from their families. Employment outlook is growing at a faster rate than average occupations according to Truck Driver Salary Guide.

Automotive Engineering: Is a segment of engineering that deals specifically with vehicles and makes use of electrical, mechanical, electronic, safety and software engineering.

Graphic Designer: Is a process that creates technology and combines art. If an individual were artistically inclined, receiving career advice would be substantially helpful. Read more if you’re interested about this career.

Diesel Mechanic: Service, inspect, overhaul, repair trucks, buses and anything that contains a diesel engine.

Now, the goal of seeking advice for careers is that it increases a person’s possibility of success, promotion and advancement in the choice of career. Remember that there are many internship benefits and advantages to both paid and unpaid internships that also meet these objectives. Here is a list of benefits of seeking career advice:

  • Provides supportive and constructive feedback on individualized progress of work on the chosen career
  • Helps persons identify which university, college, departmental or research center to seek
  • Provides material about tenure and promotion processes
  • Provides support and encouragement
  • Helps to promote important visibility and connections

There are diverse methods of getting experience and career advice. The following list classifies the various types:

  • One on one: This type of advice is dependent upon discussing with someone who is familiar with the unique issues of the career choice or it involves specific and direct feedback from a department chair, such as a supervisor
  • Advising Groups: This is for a career choice that doesn’t require the one-on-one type of advice. Group Advising is accomplished for the advantage of several persons at the same time.
  • Advising Zones: This is for persons who have a certain area of zones like university service assignments; grant funding, learning and teaching. The zones leader functions as a source on a specific subject for several members.
  • Advising Peers: This is a variation of advising groups and is provided by enabling interactions of career-relevant peers.

Additionally, career advice can take place in a variety of forms, and they don’t necessarily need to be in a formal setting. Following is a list of potential settings or locations for advising persons on career activities: Advisement of careers could come through:

  • Email
  • Informal Office Visits
  • Shadowing
  • Campus Events
  • Recreations Activities
  • Touring a workplace or lab

US Economy Depends on the Auto Industry

Auto IndustryAt the current time, it is fair to say that the U.S. economy is well and truly on the skids. Therefore, consumers – in particular buyers of cars and other vehicles – would do well to think of the implications when making that all-important purchase decision.

Helping the U.S. auto industry where possible
In bygone days, the auto industry was a true powerhouse that provided not only tip top quality personal transport for millions of Americans but also employment for many of them as well. Sadly, those times are gone or are fast fading. Year by year, the American auto industry loses market share to foreign vehicles, but this is something that could be turned around, at least to some extent, if buyers considered something other than their pocket books when choosing a new auto.

If Americans had the foresight to buy an American auto every time, the crisis in the U.S. car manufacturing industry could be solved overnight. Unfortunately, there are far too many consumers who have been brainwashed into evaluating products only on the basis of price and personal need, rather than factoring patriotic duty into the equation as well. If this state of affairs persists, it is safe to assume that consumers will simply be digging their own graves in the long run, i.e. by damaging the long term prospects of this country remaining in the top tier of nations.

Options for purchasing American-made cars
American MadeWhile cheap foreign vehicles are flooding the market, it is fair to say that American-made cars still offer plenty for the consumer.

In the first place, buyers have to choose between an SUV and a conventional sedan and, if you look at the trends in sales figures, it seems that the SUV is winning that battle hands down. Why is this?

Using SUVs for general motoring purposes was virtually unknown a few decades ago, but drivers have gotten wise to the fact that an SUV offers better bang for their buck than a passenger car. The most obvious advantage is the greater space inside an SUV.

While fully-fledged SUVs can be rather costly, today’s buyers have a compromise available to them, which is the popular midsize category of utility vehicle. Midsize SUVs offer all the space advantages of SUVs over sedans, but they cut a few corners including performance and interior features in order to deliver the vehicles to the marketplace at a substantially lower price point. The best small SUVs available on the market are reviewed and ranked at this useful site, BSSH. This might seem like some sort of wizardry, but in fact is made possible by the elimination of 4-wheel drive in favor of a regular engine.

While this has a minor but undeniably adverse impact on actual performance on the road, it delivers cost benefits both in terms of initial purchase price and also the likely expense of maintenance over the auto’s life. This is because 4-wheel drive vehicles are more prone to transmission problems, which leads to the need for expensive repairs when something goes wrong in this area. Find further details regarding transmission maintenance at

The final decision as to whether you purchase an SUV – be it a midsize model or full-blown one – or an old-fashioned sedan is down to you. Everyone has different needs and also different levels of resources available for purchasing and maintaining an auto. Leaving these matters aside, however, it is up to the consumer to consider the wider implications of their purchase. That means taking into account, if at all possible, that there is a huge argument for buying an American-made vehicle and not a foreign one.


Jobs in Health Care With High Employment Growth

Employment GrowthThe health care sector is vast and widely encompassing, sheltering numerous divisions, each of which is related to a subsequent medical specialty. Therefore the health care sector produces millions of jobs each year for the country’s citizens. Even in a single medical department, the requirement of various employees related to different employment niches is overwhelming. In a cardiology department alone, there is a constant need of licensed vocational nurses, medical records technicians, medical assistants, specialists, surgeons and so on.

It is obvious, therefore, that jobs in health care are only going to grow in number. According to a recent survey it was concluded that in eight years’ time, almost 5.6 million jobs will be created in the health care sector alone. This proves that the demand for health care service providers will grow twice as fast the economy. So by the year 2020, the health care sector would be, by large, the biggest job providing sector.

There are certain fields of health care that are presumably doing far better where employment growth is concerned. And though their training might seem insignificant in nature as compared to the training required for other fields of medical expertise, the recent survey of employment growth proves a higher demand of workforce in those fields.

For example, the ratio of medical specialists to the trained nurses of a single department clearly shows that there are a greater number of nurses than professional medical practitioners. The demand of licensed vocational nurse is by far the greatest in the health care industry. This is because many of the LVNs are also employed with patients in homes, medical centers, rehabilitation centers, schools, old homes and even as traveling nurses. It is presumed that by the end of 2020, the jobs for licensed vocational nurses will have grown 22% over the previous decade according to Over 700,000 positions for LVN’s are expected to open up in the 10 year growth projection. The average annual income of a trained and professional nurse is around $67,720.

Physical TherapistThe jobs with second highest growth projection are the pharmacists and then the medical assistants. You would be surprised to learn that even a physical therapist’s job is among the top ten ranking health care jobs where possible growth of employment is concerned. A physical therapist provides therapy to patients with weakening, weakened or injured bones and/or muscles. They basically help the patient regain strength and more generalized mobility than before. It is expected that the jobs of physical therapist might actually grow 39% by the end of 2020. So in this 10 year period, 77,400 physical therapist jobs are expected to grow. With a $72,320 average annual income, this is a job with fairly high prospects according to

The massage therapists aren’t doing very bad either; they are trained specialists who can work wonders with their hands working on the superficial layers of muscles and tissues to subside a chronic muscular pain or spasm. Although they mostly work with hands, the massage therapists are also trained in the use of certain technological massaging devices. An average massage therapist salary is currently $34,900 but with a great job growth expectancy rate. In the 10 year period between 2010 and 2020, 30,900 jobs of massage therapists are expected to rise; this equals to almost 20.1%.

For a person whose job is to educate young and old patients on adequate oral hygiene and to perform routine cleaning of teeth, an average dental hygienist wages of $69,280 is a handsome amount. Being a dental hygienist is therefore one of the best part time jobs that there are. Furthermore, their jobs are also expected to rise in the above mentioned 10 year period. A total of 68,500 jobs are expected to come up by the end of 2020.

The growth rate of medical records technician is also very attractive. The projected growth rate of jobs in this field is almost 20% by 2020. Medical records technicians get an average annual wage of $31,290. Depending upon their training, experience and the department that they are in, it can go as high as $51,510.

All the data mentioned above, clearly shows that the health care industry has some of the best employment growth projections. And many young boys and girls have now chosen such careers as dental hygienists and LVN’s professionally.


Breakdown of Vehicle Maintenance Costs

Vehicle MaintenanceIt is fair to say that there are quite a few motorists out there who are not really aware of how the breakdown of vehicle repair costs. If you fall into this category, it might be wise to take a closer look at maintenance costs rather than remaining blissfully ignorant. Once you get up to speed, you will see that there are many ways you can reduce costs considerably, which means the money you save can be spent on something else of your choice.

Did you know that poor alignment of vehicle wheels is one of the major contributing factors to escalated auto maintenance and repair costs? If you think that wheels are just wheels, and that they are attached to the vehicle and go round and round when the car is in motion, you could not be more wrong! In fact, errors in the alignment of car wheels can have a massively adverse effect on maintenance costs. For a start, poorly aligned wheels may cause the car to consume more gas. Furthermore, over time, faulty alignment can cause tires to wear out prematurely, and also lead to faults developing relating to the car’s steering column. Even when the auto appears to be running well, it pays to get the alignment of the wheels checked every time the vehicle goes in for a service. Having your car’s wheels aligned costs between $50 and $95 on average, so there really is no excuse not to get this procedure done.

Tinting of car windows sometimes seen as an unnecessary, even ostentatious embellishment. Cost-conscious drivers see no reason to spend good money on what they see as an affectation. However, the bad news is that standard car windows allow damaging UV light to degrade the upholstery and other fixtures and fittings of the car interior. Day in, day out exposure to the full impact of the sun’s rays WILL gradually ruin leather seats and other surfaces inside your car. If you allow the sun to degrade the value of your car in this way, you will pay the penalty when you attempt to sell the vehicle. This is where fitting tinted windows is an excellent way to protect the value of your investment and according to this site, the average price is from $150 to $250.

If you think of the cost of motoring being the initial purchase price of the vehicle combined with all subsequent maintenance and repair costs, it should quickly become obvious that it makes sense to get the best deal you can at the time of purchasing a new auto. You should never just sign on the dotted line for the first car finance offer you come across. Instead, you should subject all possible finance deals to close scrutiny in order to identify the one that offers you the best value overall. Do the calculations yourself and see if offers like 0% financing are actually cheaper for your situation. has a detailed explanation.

Windshield that Needs Replacement

If your car windshield shatters at the wrong place and time, it could lead to an accident. That would not only be potentially dangerous but could also mean your car would require substantial and costly repairs in the aftermath. Rather than ignoring minor windshield flaws and faults, it pays to replace your auto windshield as soon as you detect any flaw, however minor according to Windshield Replacement Cost Data. Doing so will not only reduce the risk of a catastrophic windshield failure which compromises your safety, but will also guarantee that over-eager police officers will be able to find nothing wrong with your vehicle if they target you for a spot check.

A vehicle’s brake pads are sometimes thought of as an aspect of vehicle maintenance to try to save money on. This couldn’t be further from the truth as the cost of new brake pads and their installation is not that expensive (average of $150 per axle) and brake pads are absolutely imperative to the safety of you, your passengers and the drivers around you. As with the alignment of the car’s wheels, it pays to get the mechanic to run a check on the brake pads every time the vehicle goes in for a routine service. Prevention is always cheaper than cure!

If you do not keep a close eye on the state of the paint on your car, you could pay one hell of a heavy price down the line if serious rust is allowed to develop unchecked. It pays to inspect the paint regularly, and with a keen eye for even minor flaws, in order to stop rust in its tracks. Minor paint blemishes can be touched up where necessary, but at some point a new paint job could be just what the doctor ordered for your car. The average car paint job cost is around $300 for a low-cost chain such as Maaco.

Changing Engine OilOil change coupons are an often-overlooked route to major car maintenance savings. Unfortunately, many drivers are very lazy, and the opportunity to save a few bucks is disregarded time and time again. However, a few bucks here and a few bucks there soon add up to quite a tidy sum of money! This is why canny drivers tend to scour the internet for resources like this website and newspapers for money-saving oil change coupons.

To be fair, when transmission failure hits, it could be time to write off your car. The cost of repairing broken transmission tends to be very expensive and in some cases it could be in excess of the value of the auto. In order to avoid this problem, it is wise to keep a very close eye on the state of the transmission. This is one of the vital details that should be checked each and every time the vehicle gets a service. Has a comprehensive overview of the repair procedure and a breakdown of the costs to rebuild, replace and repair a transmission.

By attending to all the above matters in a diligent fashion, car owners stand to win big in reducing their motoring costs.


Program and Films 2006-2008

In the summer of 2008, thirty Palestinian, Israeli, and Canadian teen-agers gathered in and around Vancouver, British Columbia to participate in an extraordinary dialogue and filmmaking experience. Based on the successful 2006 program, and building on the inaugural program in 2004, the youths lived and learned together for three weeks, discovered their personal strengths and created the following inspiring short films.

These films were the products of two three-week “Peace it Together” programs that brought together Israeli, Palestinian and Canadian teenagers to Canada’s West Coast in the summer of 2006 and 2008. After skilled professionals facilitated communication skill building and intense dialogue, the participants were divided into small mixed-cultural groups.

Heaven Forbid
Listen to This
Turning the Lens
Checkpoint of Humanity
My Enemy

The young filmmakers in each group were tasked to make a drama, documentary or animated short film about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Working with a filmmaking mentor, they had ten days to create their films from start to finish. The youths were responsible for all aspects of the filmmaking, from conception and story boarding, to shooting, acting, casting, editing, sound, and music.

In early December, Palestinian and Israeli participants from the 2008 Peace it Together summer program had their first official reunion. The youth proudly presented their short films in two large venues – The International Peace Education Conference held by IPCRI at Tantur, near Bethlehem, and the American Colony Hotel in East Jerusalem. After both screenings participants fielded questions from inspired audience members about their experience at Peace it Together, their return home, and their plans for continuing with dialogue, filmmaking, and peace-building.

Since the end of the summer program the Canadian participants have been screening their films to at least 20 schools and other venues in their communities. From the feedback they received, and the emotional reaction of some film viewers, they discovered that their movies and their messages are relevant to audiences of all ages and all backgrounds.